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FAQ #1 What is the difference between asking a question and making an offer?

If you are shopping in the classifieds and simply have a question to ask about the item, you should use the "Ask Question" form. If you are prepared to make a firm offer (one that is capable of being accepted by the seller), then you should use the "Make Offer" form.

The offer form provides you with a "paper trail" in the event that a question arises regarding what terms you agreed to for the purchase of that item. In addition, it opens up a number of features for both buyer and seller. When an item is sold using the offer and acceptance tools:

  • Both parties can rate each other
  • The seller can generate an invoice for the buyer
  • If the seller accepts PayPal, the buyer gets a direct link to pay for the item
  • Either party may file a complaint that can be considered by our market moderators

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FAQ #2 My Offers

By clicking the "My Account" tab you can access your "My Offers" area.  This section of the site displays every item on which you have an offer.  You may filter the list and restrict it to active offers that are pending or see all offers you have ever made. 

Each offer listed displays the title of the item, your offer ID, the offer amount and tools for you to interact with the ad. If, for example, the offer has been accepted and the seller has a PayPal account, you will see a "Pay Now" icon that allows you to purchase the item via PayPal immediately. In addition, you will also see a rating icon that lets you rate the seller.

FAQ #3 Making a binding offer


In order to make efficient use of our sellers' time and ensure privacy, we provide buyers with a form for responding to ads. The offer form allows the seller to receive sufficient information to determine whether the buyer is serious and to reply to the offer. In addition, all offers made through our "Make Offer" form are tracked in the system. This provides a handy and accurate record of the buyer's precise offer terms.

Buyers who are serious about a product should use this form!


In order to take full advantage of our rating, invoicing, offer-tracking and ad administration system, buyers should always use the "Make Offer" form when they are serious about purchasing an item. Here's why: 

  • The form allows us to log your offer and verify that the buyer participated in a transaction with the seller.
  • This ensures that only individuals who participated in a transaction may rate one another. Without this check system, fraudulent ratings would run rampant. This is the most important reason for using the form. Ratings are critical to a friendly and safe market.
  • The logged offer is always accessible to the seller. This means if one buyer backs out after a sale, the seller will still have a full record of others who made offers.
  • When the seller goes to mark an ad sold, if the buyer's name appears in the list of offering members, he can mark the item sold to that person and use our invoice tool to quickly and automatically generate and transmit to the buyer a full invoice for the product.


Visit your "My Account > My Offers" screen to review and administer offers. On this page you can do several things:

Rate Sellers
After an item has been sold to you, just click the "rate" icon adjacent to the item to rate the seller
Withdraw an Offer
On your "My Offers" screen, you may click the "Withdraw" link for any item for which you want to withdraw a pending offer. If the offer has already been rejected by the seller, the link will not appear.
Pay with PayPal
If the seller is set up to accept PayPal, you will see a PayPal "Buy Now" icon adjacent to the item in your list. You may click that icon to immediately tender payment!